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WinnerBismillahi as-salaatu was-salaamu ‘ala Rasoolillah. Alhamdulillah we have finally decided on a winner for our recent  QuranTracker Ninja competition and it was a really difficult task to select only one winning piece! We received entries from around the globe and it truly was a humbling experience to read how so many of you have benefitted from QuranTracker in so many different ways, mashaaAllah tabarakAllah. There were some fantastic suggestions for improving QuranTracker as well as some hearty advice on developing understanding of what we read and memorise….jazakumAllahu khairan to all of you who entered.

Congratulations to sister Lejla from Bosnia and Herzegovina who is the QuranTracker Ninja winner mashaa Allah! She has been using QuranTracker for two years and has found QuranTracker very helpful in her endeavours to learn the Quran. May Allah reward her for all her efforts, shower His Mercy upon her and give her success in this life and the Next. You can read her entry below, we hope and pray that it will be an inspiration for everyone inshaa Allah. Sister Lejla wins a QuranTracker Plus subscription as the competition prize. Over the next few weeks we’ll also be publishing some of the other entries to inspire us all inshaa Allah.

Sister Lejla’s Winning Entry

1. How long have you been using QuranTracker?

Since 28.03.2011, so it will be two years in a week.

2. Who do you use QuranTracker for? Yourself? Your child? Both?

I use Quran Tracker to track my own progress.

3. Describe how you use QuranTracker e.g. for hifdh, for revision, for both, any special method you’ve devised for using QuranTracker.

I use Quran Tracker to keep track of my hifdh as well as my revision. Since the features of Quran Tracker changed over time, I adjusted my way of using it accordingly.  Now I plan all my revisions for a three day period. I revise and along the way mark the ayahs where I make mistakes. I’ll be continuing with my hifdh soon inshallah, and the “hifdh target” option really comes in handy, because I am a deadline-driven person.

4. How has QuranTracker made a difference to your Quran memorisation?

It really has enhanced my hifdh and daily revision experience. Being a tech savvy person, I make use of the technology and applications as much as Ican. I’ve memorized juz amma almost entirely using Quran Tracker. The one great thing about Quran Tracker is that it helps me correct and prevent mistakes in recitation – when I revise the surah I’ve memorized, and I see an ayah marked yellow or red, I instantly remember the mistake I made there earlier and recite the ayah properly, or take a small pause trying to remember the proper way to recite the ayah. Also, it really boosts up mymotivation, seeing my progress in such a graphic way. Adding more and more surahs to the revision tracker really allows me to see the increase in quantity, and seeing more and more of those surahs “becoming green” helps me realize that I’ve improved in quality as well. Also, if I start slacking, the “last revised” indicator that shows me how long has it been since I last revised my surahs puts me to shame and I revise everything at once, just so that the counter hits zero again.

5. What is the one amazing, super cool thing that you’d love to see added/improved to QuranTracker?

I would love to have a Quranic Tracker Android app (preferably an offline version) – that would make things so much easier.

Jazaaha Allahu khair to sister Lejla once again and to everyone who entered. May Allah allow us to be inspired by this competition and allow us to learn and be guided by His Words.

QuranTracker Team

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  1. Assalam o Alaikum sister Lejla.My congt.

  2. Mabrook sis Lejla. May Allah continue to bless our memory to be able to learn his word with perfection. Baarakallahu feekum, Qur’an Tracker Team.

  3. All The Best sister Lejla
    May Allah (swt) make it easy for you to memorize the entire Quran using the Quran Tracker
    And Quran tracker Team the Highest Place In Paradise

  4. Thank you for your kind words.
    Ameen to all of your duas, and may Allah help us all in making Quran our character.

  5. Congratulations. Truly, the Quran Tracker is great!

  6. Iman Marshal Sulayman

    congrats Sr.Leja. may Allah grant you more success

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