QuranTracker Ninja Competition: Win a QuranTracker Plus subscription!

Bismillahi as-salaatu was-salaamu ‘ala Rasoolillah.

Are you a regular QuranTracker user? Has QuranTracker helped you significantly with your hifdh? Have you come up with your own cool way of using QuranTracker to help you manage your hifdh and revision? In conjunction with the launch of QuranTracker Plus we are running a competition to find you Ninjas out there and give you a chance to win a 1 year QuranTracker Plus subscription! This will also help us to better understand how people use QuranTracker and where we can improve inshaa Allah.

To take part in the competition all you have to do is answer the following questions in 500 – 1000 words:

1. How long have you been using QuranTracker?

2. Who do you use QuranTracker for? Yourself? Your child? Both?

3. Describe how you use QuranTracker e.g. for hifdh, for revision, for both, any special method you’ve devised for using QuranTracker.

4. How has QuranTracker made a difference to your Quran memorisation?

5. What is the one amazing, super cool thing that you’d love to see added/improved to QuranTracker?

Please send your entries with your name, city and country to info@qurantracker.com by 31st March 2013. We will inshaa Allah announce the winner by 10th April 2013 and we will also contact the winner directly and he/she will win a 1 year QuranTracker Plus subscription! The winning entry will also be published on the QuranTracker Blog.

Baraak Allahu feemkum and may Allah accept our humble efforts from all of us.

QuranTracker Team

p.s. Please note by entering the competition your entry may be published for promotional use. Don’t worry we’ll only publish your first name, city and country if we do use your entry.

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  1. shakeel Ahmad

    very much gratefull to u for the such way of spreading the islamic knowledge May Almighty give u jazaie khair for this brave and supper eforts

  2. how do u send it

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