Launching QuranTracker Plus!

Bismillahi was-salaatu was-salaamu ‘ala Rasoolillah.


We hope that you are all in the best of health and imaan inshaAllah, and hope that you are all progressing well in your Quran journey with!

We’ve received many wonderful comments and had lots of feedback from our users suggesting and requesting new features and tools to be added to QuranTracker to further benefit ourselves in our memorisation. Many of you have also requested a QuranTracker app for mobile and tablet devices so that you can keep tracking your Quran progress while on the move! MashaaAllah tabarakAllah it’s been great to have all your encouragement and fantastic suggestions!

We are also aware that as the number of QuranTracker users has been growing alhamdulillah, our current web hosting package is not always able to meet demands, this often results in slow performance of our website and delays in updating changes.  To allow for extra features and apps to be developed and also move to better a web hosting provider, we are launching QuranTracker Plus.

Our immediate plans include a mobile/tablet friendly version of QuranTracker, hizb & juz tracking, hifdh tutor tool and a multi-lingual user interface bi’idhnillah!


QuranTracker Plus is an annual subscription where users wishing to make full use of the QuranTracker service pay an annual subscription fee of £30 – that’s just £2.50 per month to give you access to tracking your hifdth and revision surahs throughout the entire Quran.

For families, there is a discounted Family Package where you get up to 3 FREE QuranTracker Plus accounts if you purchase 2 annual QuranTracker Plus subscriptions (ie pay for mum and dad’s accounts and upto 3 children receive free full accounts!) – that’s 5 subscriptions for £60 per year, i.e £1 per month for each account.


For those users who wish to track Juz’ ‘Amma (30th Juz) only (and Surah al-Fatiha), we are keeping QuranTracker COMPLETELY FREE! There will be no payment nor further subscription required to keep tracking your surahs in the last juz of the Quran.  So for those of us who have just started our memorisation and also for the little ones, QuranTracker is free, and if you find QuranTracker helpful and wish to continue to use it to track beyond Juz 30 then you can sign up to subscribe for a QuranTracker Plus account at any time.

All new registrations will get a free 30 days trial to QuranTracker Plus and all existing users will also have free access to QuranTracker Plus for 30 days. If you subscribe before your trial period or current subscription expires then you get an extra 14 days free on your annual subscription!

We are also running the “QuranTracker Ninja!” Competition offering you the chance to win a 1 year QuranTracker Plus subscription.


We hope, with the Help and Permission of Allah, that QuranTracker can help each of us in our journey to becoming a haafidh – tracking and planning our revision so we don’t lose what we’ve learnt, while also setting targets and checking progress in our new revision, for ourselves, children and students!

Our aim in launching QuranTracker Plus is to provide a better service and more helpful features to all those who are learning and teaching the Book of Allah, to make it easier for busy people on the move to memorise and to be able to motivate our children with more visuals inshaAllah. The annual subscription will inshaAllah allow us to move this noble project forward and allow us to improve our service, and we hope for your continuous support and encouragement in this, jazakum Allahu khair!

As always we’d love to get your feedback on QuranTracker Plus and our plans so please get in touch with your comments and don’t forget to take part in our “QuranTracker Ninja!” Competition to win a QuranTracker Plus subscription.

Baraak Allahu feekum and may Allah accept our humble efforts from all of us, Ameen!

QuranTracker Team

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  1. Waleed Chaudhry

    So when are you actually releasing your iphone/ipad app for quran tracker plus?

    • Assalamu alaikum,

      We are looking at the options for developing apps but we will most likely make the web version more mobile/tablet friendly as our first step to taking QuranTracker onto mobiles and tablets. Then we will probably look at developing native apps for iOS and Android as step 2 inshaa Allah. We’ll keep you posted inshaa Allah!


  2. BTW there is currently a very beta version for mobiles that has not been extensively tested or anything but you could try it out. I use it and it is great for accessing QT on the move.


  3. Iam 100% appriciate the quran tracker and I Pray for God to protect you and all you are doing Ameen

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